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Health, endurance, flexibility, strength, weight management & toning.

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 £25 per 60 min session

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Adam Sawyer BSc Dip PT
Me on the indoor rower -cardiovascular exercise for when it's wet and miserable outside.

Me using the indoor rower – great CV exercise when it’s wet outside. I also enjoy long distance running, cycling and weight-lifting.

Qualifications & Memberships

Premier International: Diploma in Personal Training 

 Southampton University: BSc (Hons) Biology (2:1) 

Certified first-aider 

Fully insured

 Register of Exercise Professionals (R0095452).


Available Equipment

I have a fully equipped gym so you can train effectively whatever the weather.


running machine, exercise bike, Concept-2 rowing machine

Strength & flexibility:

olympic free-weights, olympic half-rack, adjustable bench, smith-machine, high-low pulley, pull-up bar, standard weights, dumbbells

Proprioception & balance:

medicine balls, stability ball, and wobble board


I arrived with very low fitness level and an Achilles injury that had kept me out of the gym for over a year. Adam worked with me on building up the strength on my Achilles and introduced me to the delights of the rowing machine to develop my cardiovascular fitness. I ended up rowing in the indoor British championships and have never had any issues with my Achilles since. Adam listens to your needs and designs a programme with you to enable you to achieve your health objectives. Excellent personal trainer.Richard

I never thought I would get myself a Personal Trainer, but after working with Adam I have realised what I have been missing out on. Adam is an excellent trainer. He has not only helped me get fitter but has given me a whole new perspective on healthy life style. He is very professional, explains things clearly and so dedicated to help you to reach realistic goals. He also makes the sessions varied; teaching me new things and educating me on how I can take care of my body. I have fun each time I am trained by Adam and look forward to every session. Adam has truly made me much fitter and much happier person.  A highly recommended trainer!! Hina

I play lacrosse and keep fit but I’ve decided to challenge myself by signing up for the Reading Half Marathon so I asked Adam to help me prepare for the race. He’s given me a solid programme of long distance runs, interval-training and fast runs combined with cross-training in the gym. The weights and intervals are really helping with my speed and I’m confident I’ll be more than ready for the race on 17th March! Adam is thorough, friendly but firm and I like the way he explains why I’m doing the training I’m doing.Abi

I’m a keen rower, and I’ve competed for various clubs in Nottingham and Oxford. I’ve been friends with Adam since school and we’ve trained together quite frequently over the years. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience so I’ll often ask him to help me with flexibility and strength workouts. We’re great friends but when it comes to sport we’re very competitive and I’m glad to say I can still beat Adam in a rowing race. However, I’ll admit that he’s difficult to keep up with when it comes to weight-lifting. Ed

Affordable Personal Training

I’m able to keep my prices low because I own my studio and my equipment. You get top quality, professional personal training in a private studio for only £25 an hour without any monthly membership fees, joining fees or long contracts.

Train in Private

I only offer one-to-one training sessions so no-one else will be using the studio during your session. You’ll get to choose the music you listen to and you won’t have to queue for equipment or worry about people seeing you working hard.

Avoid Long Contracts

You only need to book and pay for sessions one week in advance. Don’t worry about paying gym membership while you’re unable to train for whatever reason. Only buy the sessions you want when you want them.

Get Motivated

My primary goals as a personal trainer are to motivate and educate. I have a kind & relaxed but persistent style which I find gets the most effort out of my clients whilst giving them a sense of ownership of their training.

Learn How to Train

With me you’ll learn how to: exercise safely, effectively and efficiently; eat healthily to support your training and lose weight; and plan your own training programmes. Personal training is great but you’ll improve fastest when you have the confidence to train by yourself too.

Full Health Check

Before you start exercising I will ask you to complete this pre-exercise questionnaire. You can print, complete and bring it to your free consultation where I will also check your blood-pressure, lung function, resting heart rate and body composition.

New to Exercise?

If you’re new to exercise or thinking of returning after a long break we’ll start with a gentle but progressive programme to get you up-to-speed quickly and safely. After establishing a good foundation of fitness we’ll pursue your long-term goals.

Current Exercise Regime?

If you have some training experience and a current, consistent fitness regime we’ll use advanced weight-lifting and interval-training workouts combined with optimal nutrition to build superior fitness, strength, and an athletic physique.



Adam on phone

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 07796 264 687